How to Choose the Best Law Firm SEO Expert: Hire the Right Law Firm SEO services

Hiring the right law firm SEO services is the best way of boosting traffic to the website of a law firm and generating more leads. Hiring salespeople to market your legal practice is no longer a viable option for modern law firms. Today, people are using the internet, in particular the search engines, to find legal services. This means that if you do not have a strong online presence, such that prospects cannot find you when they search for legal services, you do not exist. Therefore, you will not have more clients to sustain you. Fortunately, you can enhance your legal practice by hiring the right SEO experts. There are many SEO experts that are offering SEO services to law firms. Our experts provide a guide on how to choose the best SEO expert for your law firm.

Consider past performance

There are many SEO experts but the best experts have a list of clients that they have worked with. As such, your first step in the process of choosing an SEO expert for your law firm should be to check the list of the expert. If an SEO expert does not have a list of clients, move on.

Consider the ranking of the clients  

Type the top client of the SEO expert in Google to check how they rank in the search engine. If the client does not feature on the first page of the search engine results, move on. This is because it indicates that the expert is incapable of ranking you on the first page of the search engine.

Consider the ranking of the SEO expert

Type the target keywords for the SEO experts to find out how they rank themselves. If the SEO expert does not have good ranking, move on. If an SEO expert cannot rank themselves in the search engine, how can you expect them to rank your law firm?

Contact the clients of the SEO expert

Once you get the list of the clients of an SEO expert, contact them to find out how they are ranking and whether they are getting leads from their sites after hiring the SEO services of the expert that you want to hire. Also find out whether they can recommend the SEO expert to you. If the clients are not pleased by the services of the SEO expert, move on.


The best SEO expert to hire for your law firm website is one that specializes in optimizing websites of law firms for the search engines. Such experts have the necessary experts to create content for your site and a network of authoritative legal websites where they can get links for your site. This will save time and make your SEO campaign more effective.

Basically, there are many SEO experts that you can hire to optimize the website of your law firm for the search engines. However, you should consider these factors to choose the right SEO experts.Watch our You Tube video to hire the right law firm SEO expert with confidence.