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Smart Justice Spokane is a broad, diverse coalition of more than 30 organizations, community members, and criminal justice professionals who have come together to reform our expensive, ineffective, and unfair criminal justice system.

Communities of color, those of us living in poverty, and our neighbors with mental illness, addiction and disabilities are hardest hit. Now, non-violent people and those needing treatment end up jailed. These institutional responses divide our families and stifle economic opportunity and growth.

It doesn’t have to be this way and we are working together find real solutions. Instead of warehousing an unreasonably high percentage of our community in jail, people who pose no danger to our neighborhoods, we are urging our elected officials to spend our tax dollars on proven programs that are fiscally responsible, reduce crime, and create a strong and healthy community. This is smart justice and Spokane deserves it.

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A Historical Summary of our Criminal Justice System
Response to Criminal Justice Commission Report

Smart Justice Statement of Support
Policy Recommendations
Plan to Implement Regional Smart Justice
2012 Who Is in the Jail

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