Tips on How to Hire the Best Attorney Search Engine Optimization Services

Hiring the best attorney search engine optimization services will play a very important role when it comes to growing your legal practice. Gone are the days when people used newspapers, radio and television to find legal services. Today, people are finding legal services using their mobile devices.  For instance when a person in St Louis wants to hire a personal injury attorney, they just search “St Louis personal injury attorney” and Google provides a list of the available person injury attorneys in St Louis. From the provided list, the person visits the top sites and makes their decision on the legal service to hire on the basis of the information provided on the sites.

What this means is that if you cannot be featured at the top of the search engines results, you do not exist to your prospects because they will not find you. Nevertheless, with the best SEO services for law firms, you will be found by prospects with ease. This will increase the number of visitors, business opportunities and revenue. Here are tips for hiring the best attorney SEO services.

Evaluate current clients

Before you hire SEO services of an agency, ask for their 10 current clients and evaluate their rankings in the search engines. If possible, access their site analytics too. Avoid an SEO service provider that does not have a list of current clients. It is also important that you evaluate the website of the service provider. Choose a service provider whose site appears on the search engine results prominently. An SEO service provider that cannot rank their sites properly will also not enable you to achieve the ranking that you desire. If possible, contact some of the clients of the service provider to find out whether they are achieving their expected ROI and whether they can recommend the service provider.


Remember that quality content is important for an SEO campaign. Look at the content of the site of the SEO service provider. Ask for samples of the content that the service provider has created. You can ask the service provider about their attorney writers and their experience. The best firm to hire attorney SEO services from has experienced attorneys who write content for the websites of the clients.


It is important that you ask the SEO service provider about the duration for which they have been offering SEO services. This will tell you more about their experience in providing marketing for attorney SEO services. Experienced SEO experts are knowledgeable and experienced in using different SEO techniques, tactics and tools. They know how to rank websites properly and this will benefit you as an attorney.

Basically, there are many providers of attorney SEO services. However, not all of them have what it takes to optimize a site for the search engines and the target audience. Remember that you can have a site that is ranking high in the search engines. However, if web content is poor, the conversion rate will be low. Therefore, hire law firm SEO experts  that offer comprehensive attorney search engine optimization services.